Featured Projects

Each of these featured projects represents our commitment to delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions designed to exceed client expectations and contribute to the success of diverse industries.



St. Mary’s Hospital

This state-of-the-art healthcare facility, valued at $200 million, features 167 beds, with a significant majority designed as private rooms. This includes accommodations within the emergency department, enhancing patient privacy and comfort.

Fulton State Hospital

Fulton State Hospital, renowned as the most long-standing mental health facility west of the Mississippi River, has recently undergone a significant transformation. Keen to augment its historical reputation, elevate the standard of care, and adhere to contemporary safety norms, the hospital collaborated with Page to revolutionize its campus. This was achieved through a phased architectural redesign of the facility, resulting in a 300-bed, 450,000-square-foot forensic center.

Mechanical Contractors, Jefferson City, Missouri
NEXTGEN – Precision Health

Our team of skilled staff and advanced equipment enabled us to efficiently complete our part of the project, which included the installation of industrial pipe fabrication for the building’s laboratories, clinical translational science unit, clean rooms, and other areas. We also provided heating and cooling solutions, ensuring the building’s occupants enjoy optimal comfort levels throughout the year.

The State Historical Society of Missouri Center for Missouri Studies

The Center for Missouri Studies is a unique hub of historical knowledge and cultural appreciation. Its second-floor research center serves as a bridge connecting students, researchers, patrons, and genealogists with the invaluable collections preserved by the State Historical Society of Missouri on their behalf.